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"If you have ever had to endure a long drive home with a VERY smelly gear bag you have to put this on your list. My favorite part - it comes with little refill packs you can keep handy because you seriously don't want to run out of this. At only $6.99 its a real deal."

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"This product really does work on both my son’s hockey equipment and my daughter’s soccer cleats. The soccer cleats had the most awful stench until we tried this product."

Holly La Crosse, WI

"My gloves are really bad. After applying Sudden Death, I noticed after the game my hands didn't have that stench. I will use Sudden Death on all my equipment from here on out."

Tim Eagan, MN

"Not only do we use Sudden Death for hockey equipment we use it for anything that has a stink to it!"

Rich Winona, MN

"This product not only works great on my kids sports equipment, it works on all your nasty smells! A gallon of milk was left in our van for 2 days in the summer heat. I tried everything to get the smell out but it was Sudden Death that finally worked."

Sheila Minnesota City, MN

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