About Us

What do we do?
Simple – we kill the stink. Sudden Death Odor Eliminator is a safe and an effective product that refuses to just cover up odors with a fragrance.

Why do we do it?
It started as a little something we mixed up for a friend who had the unfortunate job of sharpening ice skates. He had tried other ‘odor eliminators’ but nothing really worked, most just covered up the stench with a fragrance. When he tried our deodorizer his nose was pleasantly surprised “This stuff actually works!”

What makes us different?
Two factors drive our business and our products – effectiveness and value.

Our products have to work. If they didn’t, why would any one want to buy them? If our product isn’t something we would buy, we won’t sell it. If you want to talk to someone who has actually used the product, call us at 1-800-533-0027. Every one of has a story to tell on how we killed the stink! From stinky cars to stinky pets, we all have used Sudden Death and keep it on hand.

It’s surprising how much value is packed into a little pouch. Our refill system significantly reduces costs and waste, and improves our carbon footprint. By removing as much water as possible, we have reduced the weight of each package saving fuel and lowering shipping costs. Whether you refill your bottle at one of our Recharge Stations or with one of our recharge packs, you are saving money and reducing waste! Save money and help the earth – who doesn’t like that?