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4 oz Single Shot

4 oz Single Shot Product Images:

4 oz Single Shot

Travel size bottle – perfect for gifts or dropping subtle hints. Small and compact, our 4 oz bottle removes odors on the go! Keep one in your bag, locker, and car. Keep extra refill pouches handy so you never run out.

Get rid of the odors that infest your sports gear, leaving it absolutely odor free. Most so-called odor eliminators just cover up odors with a fragrance. Sudden Death Odor Eliminator penetrates to the source of the odor and kills it.

Use on: gloves, shoes, helmets, protective pads, bags, skates, wrestling and yoga mats... any equipment that you cannot throw in the wash.

1. Pour one recharge pack into your empty Sudden Death bottle.
2. Fill remainder of bottle with water.
3. When bottle is empty, start the process again.

4 oz Single Shot includes: 4 oz plastic bottle, black fine mist sprayer and 1 recharge pouch.