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1.5L Big Shot

1.5L Big Shot

1.5L Big Shot

Use the Big Shot to remove odors from your biggest and stinkiest items. Fragrance free formula doesn’t cover up the nasty locker room odors, it gets to the source and kills it. Our refill system makes it a great choice for multi-player families, used equipment stores, and rinks.

Eliminate odors from equipment, bags, lockers, benches, walls, floors, and more. A must-have for skate sharpening locations! Don’t dread another day with your nose in smelly skates.

Durable pump sprayer can be refilled indefinitely. Adjustable brass nozzle controls spray to cover large areas quickly.

1. Pour one recharge bottle into your empty Big Shot sprayer.
2. Fill sprayer with water to the 1.5L line.
3. When bottle is empty, start the process again.

Big Shot Kit includes: 1.5 liter pump sprayer and 3 recharge bottles.